• Rehearsal Dinner Coverage -- $399(+Expenses)

  • Customized Guestbook --$299

  • Engagement Session (Included with Weddings) - $249

One Photographer
Two Photographers
Additional Options

I want to be as transparent as possible with pricing.  I won't force you into a package with tons of extras, I just give you the option to add on what you feel you need. 

By all means, email, call, or text me with any questions.  We can go over the options and make sure you are getting the coverage that meets your needs.



Serving Ontario, Canada and The Eastern uk

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For Fastest Response, Call or Text - (905) 926-5120


About Me

Sam Meggs

So, me....  I'm a proud father, Star Wars geek, hobby woodworker, and die hard sports fan.  When it comes to photography, I believe in moments over techniques.  I love the moments between the moments, where people are at their most genuine self.  That's what I love to capture.  Of course I will document all those important  details, but while doing that, I will be working to document those hidden moments throughout the day.


I'm an equal opportunity photographer.  I don't care about your race, orientation, gender, sports team fandom, or your stance regarding pineapple on pizza.  If you love each other, I would be honored to document the day.  

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